My name is Jeffrey Hurt and I am a junior finance major at John Carroll University. The mission of this website is to get people interested about the many investment opportunities in Africa while also dispelling some of the many myths people have about the continent. I want this website to serve as a guide for everyone who is interested in learning about Africa, its many countries, and the mutually beneficial investment opportunities. For too long, we have seen this vast continent as a charity case, a place where we can appeal to our most innate human need to help others. While giving aid is something we should be proud of, there are other methods of helping countries struggling to develop their economies. One of them is by actively investing.

Another issue I feel strongly about is how this region is portrayed by our news media. People around the world who follow global news inevitably see negative headlines about Africa due to how the media chooses to emphasize certain events. These incidents are predominantly negative and are chosen for the specific purpose of maximum viewership. This decision made by the majority of mainstream media has corrupted our view on the many aspects of African Society. When we are being informed of constantly unnerving and frightening events in a continent, most of us have very little understanding of. It is easy to take them for face value and generalize multiple nations of people.

Almost all of western society has heard of the terrorist organization Boko Haram and the horrible atrocities they have committed both in the past and recently throughout Nigeria and its neighboring countries. It is impossible to forget the acts they have committed but we are doing ourselves a disservice by only focusing on the bad. To be clear, our world needs to have a great understanding of why these events are taking place and how to stop them. To simply brush aside the great strides towards prosperity many African nations have taken in recent decades is saddening. I would be willing to bet that very few people realize that Nigeria is one of the leading economies in Africa and also has one of the largest middle classes in proportion to their total population.

The headlines you probably haven’t heard about are Africa’s resounding ability to press forward with developing their countries against all obstacles. Due to the partnerships with other nations towards this goal, massive infrastructure projects are being undertaken in places such as Kenya, Nigeria and Mozambique. Boosting the logistics and efficiency of trade across many African nations will help set up their economies for sustainable growth.

Hopefully this website will serve as a guide to show how foreign investment to the continent of Africa and its nations will serve as a model for long term sustainable growth and benefits for all parties involved.